After a year… we take a short holiday


It has been a happy year for LA PLAZA. Since we opened on the 20th April 2012 we have confirmed that there was space for a Spanish restaurant in Phnom Penh. Every night we have seen our customer go home happy, having enjoyed the food and the ambience of LA PLAZA. They have come again and again, showing us how they appreciated our food and our place. Now it is time for a short holiday for us and for our staff. We will be closing from the 13th to the 18th April, for the Khmer New Year. We will open again on the evening of Friday 19th April, with new ideas and new food that we hope to offer to you. Happy Khmer New Year !

We seem to be doing it well

For all we know about food, a few month back we had not even considered opening a restaurant. It really is a different way of looking at food and preparing it. Getting the food on the customer’s table is only a part of the whole thing, and it had been an accelerated course on how to run a restaurant, running into the usual problems of hiring the right staff, finding the right suppliers, etc.

While we have not always been perfect as we plan for, we seem to be doing it quite well so far, even if many things can be improved. The opinion of reviewers and customers seem to be all positive. A good source of pride has been the review that appeared on June 9th in the Cambodia Daily.

We have also been happy to see some nice reviews with opinions of customers, such as the ones in  HungryGoWhere.


Gambas a la plancha

Another outstanding and amazingly simple dish of Spanish traditional cuisine. Olive oil is heated in a clay dish, with garlic cut in slides and one chilli pepper. When the oil is hot enough and has taken some flavor from the garlic, then the stove is turned off and the shrimp -previously salted- is cooked using only the heat from the oil and from the clay dish. Not more than one minute.

It is hard to resist to stop dipping your bread in the oil until it is finished…

Verduras a la plancha

For us non-vegetarians, a simple dish of vegetables sounds like something without flavor or life, some animal fat should be necessary to give it what it takes to be called food…

Verduras a a plancha (grilled vegetables)

Nevertheless, verduras a la plancha (grilled vegetables), the simplest of dishes, is able to take out of the vegetables an amount of flavor that few people would have considered possible. A few vegetables, cooked in the grill with just a little salt until they are soft and slightly black on the edges… and then mixed with a good olive oil and adjusted for salt… are one of the most delicious dishes that we produce at LA PLAZA.

Verduras a a plancha (grilled vegetables)

No secrets, except cutting the vegetables in the correct sizes for all of them to take the same time to cook, and using a good Spanish olive oil… amazing.


Hello Phnom Penh !

LA PLAZA, Phnom Penh’s Spanish Tapas Bar finally opened its doors on the 20th of April 2012, after a few months of remodeling, preparing our kitchen, our menu, our cooks, the recipe for sangría and making sure that our paellas were made perfectly to the point that we wanted.

During the last month before opening, the Spanish community in Phnom Penh volunteered as guinea pigs to taste all our food. They also participated into a couple of [long] evening parties in which we decided what the perfect recipe for sangria was, and which was to be the house wine, chosen between six candidates. They also helped us chose what cocktails should be served and highlighted… with the barman’s mojito being a clear winner.